I am doing a PhD in Economics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. My research sits at the crossroads between economic history and migration economics; it revolves around the age of mass migration and spans across about 70 years, roughly speaking from the 1850s to the early 1920s. Feel free to have a look here for the details.

I speak Italian (native), English (native level), and French (fluent). I like coding languages too: R, Markdown, Python, HTML, CSS, LaTeX, STATA, Linux command line, and regular expressions. If you’re intereseted, there are a few fun snippets and chunks in the dedicated section of this website.

Aside economics, I am a fan of literature, hiking, travelling, and music - as well as a guitar player.

You can find my CV - and contacts - here.

I am an Irish Research Council - IRC - Postgraduate Scholar.

PS: I have designed this website from scratch using a combination of HTML, RMarkdown, and CSS.